Razer Anansi Keyboard

Razer Anansi Keyboard

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To tap into the massive MMO market Razer have launched the Razer Anansi keyboard. Designed and built around the needs of the typical massively multiplier online gamer the Anansi offers a whole range of features and functions to suit all multiplayer game types. Expect all the usual glitz and glamour from Razer; illuminated back lit keys, macro buttons, a slick design and really comfortable use.

However what we really like is the inclusion of seven thumb keys down under the space bar. Razer have obviously spent some time thinking how can they advantage MMO players with just a keyboard. The answer lies in these thumb buttons beign easily reachable and the ability to programme them with advanced macros using Razer's own software. The Anansi also has the ability to disable the Windows key and the back lit keys, which can change colour and intensity, really makes the Razer Anansi the top choice for MMO gamers.

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Razer Anansi Top View Razer Anansi Side View Razer Anansi Illuminated

Full Specification

  • Product Name (Part #): Anansi (RZ03-00550500-R3W1)
  • Manufacturer: Razer
  • Connection: Wired (USB)
  • Localisation: English - United Kingdom
  • Warranty: 2 years (manufacturers)
  • OS Required: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7
  • Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 515 x 190 x 22 mm


  • 7 'Thumb Buttons' below the space bar for advanced macros
  • EVERY key is completely customisable
  • Anti-ghosting technology - hold down multiple keys at once and get all of their functionality
  • Back lit keys for an impressive looking illuminated keyboard in multiple colours
  • Use pre-created profiles for different games/purposes. Set a specific colour for each profile!
  • Great design and feel, similar to the Razer Black Widow but with greater MMO emphasis
  • Media controls to easily change music & video levels
  • Combine the Razer Anansi keyboard with the Razer Naga MMO Mouse for the complete MMO experience!

Reviews and Ratings

"If you're looking for a high performance keyboard for gaming, you really couldn't ask for much better than this. I'm pairing it with a Naga mouse and just love having such quality peripherals to tackle both bosses and pvp with." - Razer Customer

"If you have the 12-button mouse Razer Naga or Razer Naga Epic MMO gaming mice, the Anansi will complement it perfectly, fitting your hand like a well-fitted glove." - Coolest Gadgets

"..the Anansi offers solid value for your money and offers plenty of customization options as well as above-average keystroke quality (for a non-mechanical keyboard)." - Examiner.com

89.99 Buy Now